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Espinosa's contribution in music research began in 1974 with the work Study for piano; in which musical aspects concerning number began to appear, modeled in relationships between spoken word and geometric patterns. Years later, with the Concerto for Oboe, Strings and Percussion (2001-02) an alternative system of music serialism was proposed. Research into the future of the Arts and Sciences (with emphasis in music) has been published by the Forum on Public Policy online, the Journal of the Oxford Round Table, in its winter (Nr. 1) 07 edition.

Espinosa’s activities as composer have included participation in international festivals such as “Festival International Cervantino” (Guanajuato); the Foro Internacional de Música Nueva” (Mexico City); the Exhibition “Mexico a Work of Art 1990-91" organized by the National Council for Culture and the Arts of Mexico and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, San Antonio, Los Angeles);  International Festival of Choreography of Bagnolet; Misiones Santa Fé (Madrid, Granada); Gestes 85 (Brussels) and the Berchem International Festival. 

Espinosa’s organ work Visiones Danielis was performed at the closing of the International Festival of Organ of Morelia at the Academic Hall of the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome (2008).  In 2009 received an invitation to write a Symphonic Choral Mass on occasion of the canonization of Saint Bernard Tolomei, under the patronage of the Pontifical Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church.  Espinosa was invited to submit a unique copy of this score and a manuscript dedicated to His Holiness Benedict XVI for the Exhibition “The Splendor of the Truth, The Beauty of Charity” held at the Paul VI Hall of the Vatican, celebrating the 60th anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI priestly ordination, following the meeting with the artists celebrated at the Sistine Chapel in 2009.    

Other works have been commissioned by the “Fonds Alex de Vries” of Belgium, produced by the Royal University of Ghent and the Belgian Radio and Television Network, University of Utah, National Funds for Culture and the Arts and the National Institute of Fine Arts of Mexico.  

A short Biography for Dr. Espinosa is available for download here: 2016 Bio.pdf


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